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Webinar: 200416 Bridging Theory and Practice Series Part 3 - Getting the Optimal Value from What You Pay For (INSTITUTION)

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CPD and Reflective Practice Much has been said about continuing professional development and its importance, but there are issues that are often left unaddressed. Practitioners are time-poor, events cost money and there is often not enough information beforehand to decide what is of value or suitable for one’s needs. Once the material has been acquired or the event attended, many professionals also find it difficult to retain the information and structure it in a meaningful way to benefit from it in the long run. In this third of a series of five webinars on Bridging Theory and Practice, Sam Berner will address the issue often discussed by practitioners: how to get the best out of the professional development events one pays to engage in. Looking at the problem from the financial and time constraints points, Sam will provide a few pointers towards choosing the most suitable options, retaining the knowledge for further access, and implementing it towards best practice and competitive advantage in one’s profession. Webinar length: 1 hour.

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