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Webinar: 20210507 Translating Popular Science Texts from Japanese to English Part II (INSTITUTION)

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This is Part 2 of the two-part webinar series, where Tony Atkinson will present strategies for translating popular science texts from Japanese into English. The topics to be covered will include the following: Part 2 (7 May 2021) - Grammar, style, and usage in English science writing (continued): hedging, noun-based vs. verb-based sentences, apposition, etc. - Translation of citations, quotations, titles, captions, and legends - Application of selected translation techniques to science texts - Potential sources of work in the science communication field - Useful online glossaries and information sources - Science communication on social media - References on scientific translation and popular science writing in English Example translations will be drawn from various areas of science. Useful resources for translating scientific texts and writing scientific English will also be presented and discussed. This webinar will be presented in English, and source texts will be in Japanese. Presenter - Tony Atkinson Tony Atkinson is a freelance Japanese-English translator working mainly in the areas of medicine and drug development. However, he also enjoys translating science texts for the general reader. Several of his translations have been published online, covering areas as diverse as dark energy, emergent phenomena in physics, precision timekeeping with optical lattice clocks, seismic monitoring, and phytoplasmas. He has also recently translated The Winding Road to Discovering iPS Cells: The Life of Yamanaka Shinya (山中伸弥先生に、人生とiPS細胞について聞いてみた ), to be published in March 2021. Mr David Shield will be working as Moderator for this event. Duration 2 hours 3 mins

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