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Webinar: 20210612 Sight Translation - How to master Sight Translation & NAATI Exam - Workshop One (INSTITUTION)

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WHAT IS SIGHT TRANSLATION? HOW BEST TO DO IT? & NAATI EXAM SIGHT TRANSLATION ASSESSMENT Sight Translation (ST) is an oral translation of a written text, which interpreters may be asked to provide as part of their duties. This workshop is designed for Provisional Certified Interpreters wishing to become Certified Interpreters and for recognised Practised Interpreters from new and emerging languages. It will provide an explanation of ST, how it is used and its role in interpreting. There will be discussion of common community interpreting ST settings, such as legal, health, community etc and associated documents. Information and practice will be provided on ST in the NAATI Certified Interpreter exam - how it is examined and what skills and proficiencies are assessed. Useful approaches to the ST process will be discussed and suggestions provided on developing your skills. There will be time at the end for a short Q & A session. *(Workshop Two will extend your sight translation skills and provide more practice. Beginner Interpreters are advised to take Workshop One before Workshop Two). Presenter: Suzan Piper Suzan Piper has been teaching translating and interpreting at various university and TAFE campuses for several decades. She is an experienced, NAATI certified, interpreter and translator (Indonesian < > English) and a senior member of AUSIT. Over the past thirty years she has interpreted to the highest levels of government and across various fields and projects. She has also translated for diverse clients, including multinational, national government departments, legal bodies and agencies. Suzan received the AUSIT National Award for Excellence in Translating (2009) for subtitling the documentary The Burning Season Duration 2 hours 33 mins

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