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AUSIT Webinar | 20240504 How to build a criminal law glossary for your working language: a practical workshop for Interpreters (INSTITUTIONAL)

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A practical workshop designed for interpreters looking to create their own personalised criminal law glossary that will better prepare them for assignments in Australian criminal courts. Interpreting in a courtroom setting can be very intimidating. Many interpreters avoid these kinds of assignments because they feel they can't handle the pressure. Some say they don't know enough legal jargon to really understand what's going on in court and accurately interpret what the judge and lawyers say. To make matters worse, the Australian legal system might be very different to the systems of other countries they are familiar with, and in criminal proceedings the stakes are high. Join Carl in this interactive and hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to create your own criminal law glossary in your working language. Instead of going through every word from A to Z, Carl will show you how organising Australian criminal law concepts into specific categories can give you a bigger picture understanding of the legal system. By the end of the workshop, you'll have all the tools you need to build a comprehensive glossary on criminal law and walk into the courtroom to interpret with confidence. What you'll get from this workshop: A 1,000+ term criminal law glossary template you can use to create your own glossary in your working language; A list of the best free resources to help you understand Australian criminal law and translate it accurately; Access to the webinar recording so you can catch up on any important points you may have missed; Increased confidence to interpret in Australian criminal courts. Presenter Biography - Carl Gene Fordham Carl Gene Fordham is a NAATI Certified Interpreter and Translator who specialises in court interpreting and forensic translation. He also teaches translation and interpreting at the University of Queensland and serves as Vice President (Events & Professional Development) of AUSIT. Carl's working languages are Chinese/Mandarin and English. Duration: 2 hrs

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