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AUSIT NAT Presents: The 37th AUSIT National Conference

  • 21 November 2024
  • 3:00 PM (AEDT)
  • 23 November 2024
  • 5:00 PM (AEDT)
  • RMIT University, City Campus, Melbourne

AUSIT Nat Presents

The 37th AUSIT National Conference

On-site event

3 pm, Thursday 21 to 5 pm, Saturday 23 Nov 2024 (AEDT)

Early-Bird Registrations open June

Join us at the 37th AUSIT National Conference, which will take place from 3 pm, Thursday 21 to 5 pm, Saturday 23 November 2024, at RMIT University, City Campus, Melbourne, Victoria.

The annual AUSIT National Conference is the focal point in our calendar of events. As Australia’s peak forum for the exploration of key issues in translation and interpreting, it provides a vast range of opportunities for connecting, learning, exchanging and growing as T&I practitioners, and attracts practitioners, scholars and industry stakeholders from around Australia and beyond.

The Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming delegates to this in-person event. The theme for this year's conference is:

Linguistic equity and access:
translating and interpreting – connecting our communities and the world

Linguistic equity and access serve as foundational pillars in fostering inclusive and interconnected communities, both locally and globally. In our increasingly diverse and multicultural societies, the ability to communicate effectively across languages is essential for mutual understanding, cooperation, and progress.

At its core, linguistic equity entails ensuring resources and services are available to all members of society, regardless of their linguistic background or proficiency. By promoting linguistic equity, we strive to dismantle barriers to communication and empower individuals to fully engage in society, education, healthcare and other domains, at both the local and the international level.

Translation and interpreting serve as powerful tools for realising linguistic equity and access, by bridging linguistic gaps to ensure that individuals from different backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate in society and to interact with each other in different settings. Achieving linguistic equity and access requires concerted efforts at individual, institutional and societal levels, including investment in support for language professionals such as interpreters and translators, and the development of inclusive language policies and practices.

As we continue to navigate an increasingly interconnected world, embracing linguistic diversity and ensuring linguistic equity are essential for building bridges of understanding and cooperation across borders and between cultures.

The AUSIT National Conference 2024 offers presenters and participants the opportunity to discuss issues of equity and access as they relate to research and pedagogy, professional practice, and translation and interpreting in public services and other domains.

Call for Papers

We are calling for proposals for conference presentations and workshops responding to the following sub-themes:

  • Community translation
  • Community interpreting (including legal, medical, etc.)
  • Accessibility through audiovisual technology (subtitles, captions, voiceover)
  • The impact of AI on accessibility and quality: opportunities and challenges
  • Translating and interpreting professionalism, ethics and accessibility
  • Institutional policy: how to foster quality T&I service delivery
  • Language revitalisation and promotion through T&I
  • Translating and interpreting from and into minority languages
  • Translating and interpreting in humanitarian contexts
  • The role of T&I for speakers of First Nations languages
  • T&I education pathways for minority languages / languages of lesser diffusion.

Abstracts are invited in the form of a summary of the topic you wish to present and how it relates to one or more of the conference sub-themes outlined above.

Abstract submission will close 15 Juneand abstract acceptance will be informed by 15 August. Find out more or submit your abstract here.

Save the conference dates now:

21–23 November,

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And don’t forget:

attending the conference earns you PD POINTS

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne!


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